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Nigerian Factor

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Posted by Felix on Sunday April 10, 2011 21:48:56:

What is the Nigeria factor? Every geographic location has its uniqueness. These consists of both internal and external factors which maintains its equilibrium. Nigerian factor refer to those factors that affects Nigeria both internally and externally and help in maintaining Nigeria to be what it is.

The climate in Nigeria is a Nigerian factor. All over the world, there's hardly any climate or any atmosphere that is like the one we have here. The heat from the sun, the fertile soil, the minerals beneath, especially crude oil, and all other factor are a Nigerian factor. Nigerian People and their reaction to certain events are also a factor. What a white man would find amusing may be insulting to a Nigerian. On the other hand Nigerians enjoy speaking their language more than the English language, that also is a Nigerian factor.

Nigerians love to eat foods a lot and may easily get pot bellied without minding the side effects associated with their feeding habits and this also contributes to majority of preventable deaths caused by heart failure. The factors mentioned here are numerous and are not always negative. I'd like to give a list of some other factors that can be identified with Nigerians wherever you may find them ;

Nigerians are :

- Averagely intelligent
- Very religious
- Believe in miracles
- Willing to make fast money
- Disposed to change
- Very forgiving
- Very committed to marital relationships
- Always willing to visit home country if they have been away for a long time.
- Growing economically
- Very hardworking

In, we invite you to write and publish articles relating to those factors that are so identifiable with Nigerians wherever we are as they affect the way we make decisions and live our lives


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