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Posted by on Monday May 20, 2013 at 7:29:38:

The world's most popular reality tv singing show is in Nigeria and this one is branded Glo Xfactor.

Glo Xfactor is scheduled to begin airing from Saturday being May 18 on local tv stations such as AIT( 7 TO 8pm), Silverbird tv(8.30 to 9.30pm) and WAP tv(4 to 5 pm). NTA and Ghana's Viasat tv would show it on Sunday by 5 tp 6pm and 8 to 9pm respectively.

Glo's Xfactor would feature a lot of musical talents who will contest against each other with the ultimate aim of winning the star prize of N24m as well as a recording contract with Sony Music. If you ask me, that's really a good deal. Besides, even if one doesn't become a winner, the contestants are most likely going to get tv popularity just for contesting in the show alone.

The audition for Glo Xfactor had been held in Nigeria some months ago and candidates have already being chosen, what we expect now is the show which will start airing on live tv and this will feature a lot of singers, their fans as well as several judges all trying to give viewers a good time.


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