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If you are in Nigeria and using the MTN GSM network, you can top up airtime on your phone by first purchasing a recharge card and then dialing the USSD loading code.

The code normally includes the pin number and then other numbers in a prescribed format.

To load airtime on your phone with a recharge card, you would need to scratch off the seal to reveal the pin if it is sealed and then dial the following figures:


The PIN simply means Personal Identification Number and every airtime recharge card carries a unique set of numbers that come with a value. It is a set of numbers that are meant to be hidden except to the final user who would load it.

Once you've keyed in the above numbers, you should then dial the code to automatically load airtime credit on your MTN powered gsm phone.

When loading airtime credit on your MTN phone, you should make sure that you key in the correct pin code by cross-checking after keying them to be certain that it corresponds with the one on the recharge card and not missing any single letter. This is important because MTN could bar your sim from loading airtime if you enter the wrong pin for a particular number of times(I think 5 times).

One you've loaded airtime on your phone, you can then start calling any other phone number within Nigeria and abroad. Nowadays, phone call rates in Nigeria, especially GSM to GSM calls have been reduced to about N30 per min and they are now available on a per sec billing plan rather than the per min plan it used to be.

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